About Jeff

Jeff Watts has homeschooled his 4 kids in 33 different countries. He has stood next to the Great Sphinx, tobogganed down the side of the Great Wall of China, officiated a cherry-spitting contest on Mount Olympus, told the story of Theseus and the Minotaur while standing on Poseidon’s temple, seen 3 oceans and 6 continents, ridden a train across 7 time zones in 7 days through Siberia in the winter, walked across an international border in central Africa carrying everything he owned on his back, founded 2 successful companies, won state championships in math, been named an all-state football player, earned a degree in Computer Engineering, and graduated with 8 hours of Latin credit on his college transcript despite never having taken a class or knowing any Latin whatsoever.

All of his kids are above average. All of his kids think his jokes are below average, but they are wrong. If he was forced to eat his way out of the food item of his choice, he would choose cornbread dressing. When he’s not teaching math, he is trying to convince his immediate family that it would be a good idea to drive from Texas to South America. Difficulty: He knows virtually nothing about auto mechanics.

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We cover all math from elementary school arithmetic through pre-Calculus.

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The site and the examples are free to use, both for classrooms and home schools.  We offer subscriptions with more detailed examples and problem sets.