We help homeschoolers learn math. Our free weekday lessons supplement any homeschool curriculum with examples, videos, and real world applications.

Algebra Help

In this free email course, learn a new algebra topic each day, from properties of real numbers to solving equations. We provide video explanations and examples to help you relate this subject to the real world.

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Mental Math Help

A new mental math lesson is delivered to your inbox each weekday explaining how to use a new mental math trick. Help your kid feel more confident and perform math faster by incorporating these lessons into your existing homeschool math class.

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Sometimes you just need a little help in the math department.

Our homeschool courses are free, designed to work with all homeschool curricula, and help your child feel three things: “This is fun,” “This is useful in the real world,” and “I can do this!”

  • Our courses are developed and taught by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers
  • One lesson is delivered to you by email, usually once per weekday
  • Each lesson contains video examples and explanations of new concepts in simple terms
  • Archived lessons are available online, and you can ask follow up questions on any lesson
  • Our lessons are supplements to any homeschool curriculum – no need to buy anything new
  • Premium lessons include practice worksheets, full detailed solutions, and more real world examples.


  • Math is more than arithmetic

    Math education is about more than arithmetic. Everyone needs to know how to perform basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, basic stuff with fractions, decimals, percents, consumer math, and so forth). If your kids are still working on those things, then by all means, keep working, because they will use all of that stuff…
  • Adding Fractions Infographic

    A one-sheet overview of adding fractions, including examples you can share with your kids of how this is used in the real world…separated into 5 common career paths. Use this to make a math lesson engaging and relevant to what your kid wants to do in the future. (First time we’ve produced one of these,…
  • Grocery Store Math Questions

    There is so much math you can learn and talk about with your kids when you’re doing regular everyday things. Here are 25 “math problems” you can use when you go to the grocery store, ranging from elementary math through Algebra! Elementary Math (Substitute your own products and prices based on what you’re actually buying…


My daughter looks forward to her math class and has greatly improved her understanding of the math problems on the SAT. She was dreading her Trigonometry class this coming year but now she has confidence that she can tackle it.”



I like how we review what we learned over and over again because it helps get the material in my head. I like it because we talk about problems and we work on them together instead of just doing a bunch of worksheets.”


5th grader

What I like best is that I am no longer afraid…in the past I have had teachers that only know how to explain a concept one way and if I didn’t understand it, they told me to go read the textbook again. [Jeff] teaches me multiple ways to solve a problem and lets me choose which way I am most comfortable using.


11th grader